Saturday, March 20, 2010

In my opinion:

This satellite company is a completely lousy company. They mislead me. They told me one thing, then delivered a completely different thing. Just over a month ago, disappointed with my large monthly bill with Dishy, I called the competition and felt out their offer, and they offered me a good package. I was going to take it, but I wanted to give Dishy a chance to win my continued loyalty. They did win my loyalty but only under false pretenses. Only through their lies and misleading were they able to keep me as their customer. I wanted an equivalent deal with the competition, which includes a HD box for the TV. The competition told me that Dishy uses old used refurbished equipment. Now I believe it, because even my "brand new" HD box that was delivered a few days after placing the order appeared to be new but has been nothing but trouble since we received it. When watching TV the screen goes black, sometimes every minute, sometimes every 3 minutes. You can hear the sound, but no picture. 

Dishy has lost my loyalty. I will contact an attorney to see what my rights are versus my obligations to the company. I am extremely disappointed and do not want to give any more business to Dish than I have to.

These days it seems that customers are just a necessary Evil in a business plan. Companies seem to hate the customer. They hate having to deal with you. They hate that you want service for your dollar. Companies hate that you expect something out of them. It appears that they want to serve you on auto-pilot, and if you become a squeaky wheel, they will yell at you, talk over you, disrespect you, take your money out of your account in an unpredictable way, and raise prices as they see fit.
I am disappointed and will go to great lengths to inform my friends and relatives about how horrible dish is in their treatment of customers. I will do all within my personal power to keep people from making the same mistake that I did. My circle of influence may only be about 100 - 300 people, but I will do all I can to help those people avoid the same hassle that I have had, to avoid the same disrespect I received. My personal experience with dish was horrible and I won't soon forget it.

Don't believe their lies people. I'm stuck with them for now, but you don't have to be, if you read this before making a decision.

Dish Lied

I have been a 6 year customer of a satellite tv company that lied to me today. I have been a loyal customer for years, paying my bills on time, paying their high prices. A month ago I became tired of seeing all these discounted offers they give to new customers while suffering through the punishing high prices they charge loyal customers. I called and asked for a better deal. I spoke with a customer service Rep and after a long, long talk on the phone, he eventually set me up with a great price (about $46.50/month). Then when the first bill hit my account, they charged me $113. I called to find out why, and magically they didn't remember giving me such a good deal. Ah yes, the same old story. Company signs you up based on a great deal, then they forget that great deal was ever spoken or offered. But wait, I was smart this time, having been screwed many times by different companies. I recorded the call. (more to come)